2017 Heiniger AG wins the Prix SVC Espace Mittelland 2017
2016 Introduction new trimmers Style Mini and Style Midi.
2015 Introduction new Progress black and Progress Style.
2014 Completion of the X-Series, introduction of the Cordless Clipper Xplorer.
2013 Introduction of the new sheep shearing machine Xpert, Commissioning of the new cutter and grinder robot in Herogenbuchsee.
2012 Takeover in the third generation by Daniel Heiniger, Introduction of the small animal clipper SahpirStyle and SaphirCord, Introduction of the new cattle machine Xperience, Renovation of the offices in Herzogenbuchsee.
2011 Opening of the new production hall in Herzogenbuchsee, Switzerland.
2010 Launch of the new cattle and horse clipper blades “Next Generation“.
2009 Follow-up of Werner Heiniger by Daniel Heiniger arranged contractually.
2008 Introduction of the worldwide first cordless battery clipping machine “Saphir“ for small animal, with the new 2 lithium-Ionic battery technology. Heiniger starts with this machine on the small animal market.
2007 Saving the international distribution rights for “Bioclip“.
2006 Entrance of Daniel Heiniger in the company, Launch of the hand piece “Royal Icon” (anniversary-edition).
2005 Acquisition of ChemReco Ltd. in Adelaide by Heiniger Australia.
2004 Introduction of the professional shearing plant “ONE” (1-speed), Launch of the horse machine “PROGRESS“.
2003 First Robot Manufacturing at the company Heiniger, Introduction of the professional shearing plant “EVO” 3-speed (worldwide first machine with an electronic safety switch), Heiniger AG gets the Australian WorkSafe Award for the EVO shearing plant from the Minister for consumer and employment protection, Launch of the hand piece Icon in pink colour.
2002 Foundation of a own branch Heiniger NZ Ltd. in Christchurch New Zealand.
2000 Acquisition of TPW Ltd. by Heiniger Australia.
1999 Introduction of the mechanical hand piece Icon (smaller and lighter).
1998 Death of Hermann Heiniger, the founder of the company, Purchase of the property 2, Industrieweg 2a, Herzogenbuchsee, Launch of the cattle- and horse machine “DELTA3”, first machine with shell construction method.
1995 Acquisition of Elastrator Pty. Ltd. by Heiniger Australia, Launch of the mechanical hand piece “Omega94” in black colour.
1994 Introduction of the mechanical hand piece “Omega94” in red colour.
1992 Introduction of the shearing machine “S12”, Introduction of the cattle clipper „C12”, Both models C12 and S12 can be connected to a car or motorbike battery and allows to work in a remote location, Introduction of the cattle- and horse machine “Cordless”, with NiCad rechargeable battery.
1990 Outbuilding/expansion of the company property, doubling of the area.
1989 Foundation of Heiniger Australia Pty.Ltd. in Perth, Production of the cattle machine “Handy Clipper” (shorter and lighter model).
1984 Introduction cattle- and shearing machines “VS84” (with changeable head cattle/sheep), (Basis model for the current model Xtra).
1983 Werner Heiniger is taking over managing directorship.
1981 Entry in professional shearing with build-up of the range shearing comb, and cutters, hand pieces and shearing plants.
1980 Introduction of the first own mechanical hand piece: “Omega80”s, Production of the first own professional shearing plant (2 version: 1- and 2-speed).
1974 Werner Heiniger enters the company.
1965 Manufacturing of the first shearing machines, cattle & horse clippers, establishment of the export markets.
1962 Introduction of the first Heiniger grinding machine with optional shearing head.
1960 Taking over of the general agency of Horizont in Switzerland.
1956 Manufacturing and sale of grinding machines for the farming.
1946-1955 Import and export of fruit, potatoes, tropical fruit.
1946 Foundation of Heiniger Ltd. by Hermann Heiniger in Switzerland.
1941 Foundation of the sole trading by Hermann Heiniger in Switzerland.